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Altis Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

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Altis Engineering Sdn Bhd a Refratories & Mechanical services company was incorporated in Malaysia on October 2007 under the company Act 1965 as an engineering based-company which is currently involved in refractories and mechanical projects.a market leader.

2007  -  Castable gunning project
                 for 2 unit chimney
2008  -  Firing of Convection box (Tiub
                 sheet 3 nos, Stack & Tracition)
2009 -  Curing works for 2 units if
                 Incinerators in Langkawi
2010  -  Curing, additional refractory
                 project for  ducting & Boiler in
2011  -  Refractory project for Gas Cooler
                 in  Cameron Highlands
2012 -  KILN Refractory project in
                 Balakong Selangor

2007 -  Castable gunning project at
                 Lafarge Cement.
2008 -  Gunning project for 3 units of
                 Gas oxidizer at Petronas.
2009 -  Firing of Radiant panel
                 project at Lafarge.
2010  -  Curing project for 2 units of
                Incinerators in Cameron
2011 -  KILN Brickwork at Lafarge
2012 -  Refractories project at
2007  -  Pre-heater casting project
                at Perak Hanjung.
2008  -  Casting & gunning project
                at NS Cement Plant
2009  -  Gunning project at Petronas,
                 Kerteh Terengganu
2010 -  Curing & refractory Project for
                 ducting & Boiler in Langkawi
2011  -  KILN Refractories project in
                Cameron Highlands
2012  -  Rectification project at
Project  Undertaken
To help you to increase your productivity, performance and profit potential.
To be a highly technical driven organization which is committed to create a value for all its customers.
To research, develop and provide engineering solutions to our valued customers.
High quality service, which follows latest systems and adequate methods towards maintaining consistent quality and quantity management.
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