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Why Choose Us?

Altis Group, one of the most reputable up an coming companies in Malaysia, was incorporated in 2002 by a dedicated group of ambitious professionals which comprises several dedicated business units that specialize in various business sectors, both government and private such as Engineering, Hotel Management, Resources and Manufacturing.
We Work For You
Our Strategies
Why Us ?
We have expanded into a wide range of businesses, including Construction and Engineering, Hotels & Resort as well as Insurance & Investment. Manufacturing.
Our diversification of business provides Altis the operational and financial flexibility and a competitive edge to stabilize the changes of a volatile global marketplace.
The management and technical expertise of our group will ensure the optimum approach is selected to meet our clients’ requirements.
Advance Your Business !
The best business plans aren’t long and complex, we explain only the most important information which you need to achieve, how to get there and what to do every step of the way to achieve your ideal business goals.
Our Commitment !
Altis has adopted a systematic and professional approach in troubleshooting business issues and provides an excellent service to customers thus achieving high level of customer satisfaction.
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